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Turn the ordinary
into the extraordinary


It’s what makes music melodious, it’s what makes Tara Mesa jewelry so resonant.


That’s Tara Mesa, as every piece of our jewelry comes from the inspiration of nature.

Tara Mesa hits all the right notes in crafting jewelry that doesn’t overwhelm, overpower or overshadow, but rather complements, embellishes and enhances your personal style.

Tara Mesa is textures, colors, and shapes that work in concert to create a virtual symphony of fine design—styles that will resonate not merely for the season, but for many years to come.

Copper, silver and brass are the essence of Tara Mesa, a triad that is the foundation of our collection, central to every piece we craft. Much as mind, body and spirit must be in balance, so too must the elements of style.

From ancient times craftsmen have known the value of artistry in everyday life, creating apparel, furnishings and adornments to enrich lives with beauty.