Tara Mesa pieces evoke the timeless indigenous tribal values which give primacy to the earth and her gifts.

Harmony, legacy and beauty.

The Jewelry

Our designer uses three metals in most every piece of jewelry. Copper, Silver and Brass are aesthetically pleasing and bring a sacred connotation into the equation. Suggesting the balance of mind, body and spirit, incorporating a tri-metal design is a technique that goes back thousands of years.


Rarely occurring by accident, good relationships require effort, trial and (what can seem like a cruel amount of) error, picking up, mending and moving on. But always, the price is good, honest and genuine toil.


Family is at the heart of Tara Mesa. More than forty years ago a young entrepreneur explored obscure villages of north India searching for artisans whose exquisite products needed a marketplace.

Quality is never an accident.

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.

It almost seems as though John Ruskin had Tara Mesa in mind when he penned those thoughts well over a century ago. It is love and skill—an enduring passion for beauty, an artist’s eye for form and symmetry, and an appreciation for the majestic artistry of Mother Nature that distinguishes the designers and artisans of Tara Mesa. Every piece of jewelry, every gemstone and every bit of precious metal is meticulously examined and re-examined to meet their exacting standards of quality—quality that will endure.

A man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.

Tara Mesa’s artisans represent a legacy of fine craftsmanship, possessing jewelry making skills bequeathed from generation to generation. That’s why each piece of Tara Mesa jewelry is truly a work of art, a mini-masterpiece to own and wear with pride.